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    Weatherproof Totalisor

    The CO6WP six digit LED Totaliser is a 85 to 250VAC or 12-40 VDC powered totaliser that incorporates a six (6) digit 57mm digit height LED display in a weatherproof surface mount enclosure. It has dip switch selectable input for, CMOS logic, open collector transistor, reed switch, hall affect and turbine meter (20mV peak to peak minimum).to produce a total in the units of your choice using a field programmable K factor.

    • Memory retention in power down for 10 years
    • 85 to 265VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 12 to 36vdc isolated supply
    • Microprocessor based
    • Low cost – High performance
    • Flow totalise
    • High contrast LED display
    • The C06WP has a 6 digit 57mm digit height LED display
    • Surface mounting IP65 weatherproof enclosure
    • 24VDC transducer supply
    • Touch switch programming of decimal point and k factor

    They incorporate field programmable totalising rates and a 24 VDC isolated supply for powering remote sensors. The CO6WP is supplied in a surface mount IP65 weatherproof enclosure. Screw terminal electrical connection is included.

    Input Details
    • The instrument counts input pulses and displays the totalised value on a six (6) digit LED display. The input is dip switch selectable for dry relay contact, open collector, photo-electric switch, turbine meter, reed or proximity switch and CMOS logic.
    • CMRR greater than 86db
    • NMRR greater than 100 db

    Six (6) digit 57mm digit height high contrast light emitting diode (LED) with a wide viewing angle and a viewing distance of 20 metres

    Decimal Point

    Programmable from the front panel to display units or 0.1 units.

    Count Integrity

    Contact bounce elimination circuitry enable error free counting even in the most difficult application. The count is stored in eeprom.

    Remote Reset

    By connecting a normally open push button between terminals 1 and 6.

    Environmental Parameters
    • 0-70 degrees Celsius
    • 0-90% rh non-condensing
    Instrument Power Supply

    120/240VAC 47-63 Hz or DC to DC converter isolator from 12 to 40VDC.

    Transducer Power Supply

    A 24VDC at 30mA transducer power supply is incorporated in the instrument.


    300 grams

    Mounting Details

    Surface mounting weatherproof enclosure of case dimensions 380mm wide by 190mm high by 130mm deep with fixing centres of 355mm wide by 164mm high.


    The decimal points and k factor are programmed by the front touch buttons and the values are stored in eeprom.

    Ordering Information
    • Model number configured as: Model/input signal/display units/power supply/options
    • Sample number: C06WP/CC/0-999999/VAC