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    Process Indicator

    The DIR4NR Powered Process Indicator is a 120/240VAC or 12-40VDC powered 4.5 digit process indicator supplied in an extruded aluminium panel mount enclosure. The instrument is touch switch programmable from the front panel for input range. A 24VDC at 30mA loop supply is available for the direct connection of 2 wire transmitters.

    • Accepts all standard process signals
    • Digital instrument with touch switch programming of all functions - input range, display intensity and decimal point position
    • Eeprom storage of programmable variables
    • Band gap reference
    • Differential input
    • Low cost - High performance
    • 120 or 240VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 18 to 24vdc isolated supply
    • 4.5 digit high brightness LED display of 25mm digit height
    • Decimal point programming
    • Panel mount enclosure of 72x144mm with sealed weatherproof front
    • Optional clear silicon boot to increase the weatherproof rating to IP67
    • 24VDC loop supply for loop powered sensors and transmitters
    • Emc compliant

    The DIR4NR provides screw terminal electrical connection by two part plug connectors allows simple connection and disconnection.

    Input Details
    • The instrument has a bipolar differential input. To realise the accuracy a temperature compensated band gap reference is used in the radiometric measurement system. Full scale ranges of 20 MV to 200VDC 200uA to 2 Amps and 4-20mA are acceptable
    • A special range is available of 0-110VDC
    • CMRR greater than 86db
    • NMRR greater than 100db

    DIR4NR: A 4.5 digit high contrast light emitting diode (LED) of 25mm digit height with a wide viewing angle and a reading rate of 4 per second. The display intensity is programmable from the front panel. The digits have a viewing distance of 10 metres.

    Decimal Points

    DIR4NR: Four (4) position user programmable from the front panel.

    Instrument Power Supply

    120/240VAC 47-63 Hz or factory fitted DC converter isolator from 12 to 40VDC.

    Transducer Power Supply

    A 24VDC at 30mA transducer power supply is incorporated in the instrument.


    A silicon boot is available to increase IP protection to 67.

    Environmental Parameters
    • 0-70 degrees Celsius
    • 0-90% rh NON condensing

    DIR4NR: 450 grams

    Mounting Details

    DIR4NR: Panel mounting aluminium enclosure of case dimensions 144mm wide by 72mm high by 85mm deep with a panel cut out of 138mm wide by 67mm high.

    Ordering Information
    • The part number is configured as
    • Model/input signal/display units/power supply
    • Sample number: IR4NR/4-20mA/0-100.0/VAC
    • All units shipped factory calibrated to 0-100.0