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    Bar Graph

    The BGI Powered Bar Graph Indicator is a 120/240VAC or 18-36VDC powered 31 element bar of light display which has a 76mm high LED display which accepts inputs of volts and milliamperes. An optional 24VDC loop supply is available for the direct connection of 2 wire transmitters.

    • Accepts all standard process signals
    • Ratio metric operation
    • Differential input
    • Low cost - High Performance
    • 120 or 240VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 5 to 36VDC isolated supply
    • High contrast 31 element LED display
    • Display height of 76mm
    • 24VDC loop supply
    • 48x96mm DIN panel mount enclosure
    • Weatherproof instrument front
    • Applications include the display of flow, level and pressure
    • Australian design and manufacture

    The BGI Powered Process Indicators are advanced instruments which have been designed to accept all the standard process signals.

    The BGI incorporates a CMOS dual slope integrating analogue to digital converter which is deigned to reject electrical interference that normally abounds in industrial environments. The front panel of the BGI is sealed to IP65 and the instrument includes screw terminal electrical connections.

    Input Details

    The instrument has a bipolar differential input. Full scale ranges of 200mV, 2V, 5V, 0-10V, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA and 4-20mA are acceptable.


    A 31 element high contrast light emitting diode (LED) bar of light of 76mm high with a wide viewing angle and a viewing distance of 5 metres.

    Span Range
    • 10 to 31 counts adjustable. For field adjustments the zero and span potentiometers are accessible from the rear of the instrument.
    • Accuracy +/- 1 element
    • 0-70 degrees Celsius
    • 0-90% rh Non-condensing
    Sensor Excitation

    24VDC power supply at 30mA for powering 2 wire transmitters.

    Connection Details
    Terminal 1: Input common (-) for mA & Volts Terminal 6: not used
    Terminal 2: Input mA (+) Terminal 7: not used
    Terminal 3: Input Volts (+) Terminal 8: 120/240VAC or 18-36VDC active supply
    Terminal 4: 24VDC Loop supply Terminal 9: VAC neutral or 0Vdc supply
    Terminal 5: not used Terminal 10: Ground supply
    Instrument Power Supply

    120/240VAC 47-63 Hz or factory fitted DC to DC converter isolator from 5 to 36VDC.

    Transducer Power Supply

    An optional 24VDC at 30mA loop power supply is incorporated in the instrument.


    300 grams

    Case Details
    • Width: 48mm
    • Height: 96mm
    • Depth: 91mm
    Mounting Details

    Panel mounting with a panel cut out of 45mm wide by 93mm high.

    Ordering Information
    • Model/input/display units/power supply/options.
    • Sample no.BGI/4-20mA/0-31/VAC.
    • All units shipped factory calibrated to 0-31.