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    Guards Blue Light

    The LEDGBL GUARDS BLUE LIGHT is a safety light to advise patrons of the vicinity of the guard’s compartment in suburban rail cars. It comprises 88 LEDs [light emitting diodes] in four independent circuits, is powered from 77-137VDC and is supplied in a surface mount enclosure with an IP65 weatherproof rating.

    • High intensity LED’s with a 15 degree view angle up & down the side of the vehicle and 45 degree across the platform
    • Available in blue
    • Constant light, flashing or turned off
    • Ambient light sensor to automatically adjust light intensity for reduced intensity at night and greater light output during daytime. 
    • Nominal 120 [77-137VDC]
    • Plastic housing from random co-polymer polypropylene with 1% uv stabiliser
    • Approved to C tick
    • Low cost - High performance
    • Applications includes rail vehicles

    The LEDGBL warning light is an advanced instrument that have been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications. It has been designed to reject electrical interference that normally abounds in industrial environments.


    The light is intended to shine up and down the side of the train as well as across the platform. It has an array of 88 high contrast light emitting diodes (LEDs). Sixty four LEDS with a light emission angle of 15 degrees and twenty four with a light emission angle of 45 degrees. The LEDs are arranged in 4 independent circuits in three planes (2 rows of 22 in a horizontal band) so that the loss of one led will not cause total loss of light in one face. The LEDS are driven by a pulse width modulated current control circuit.

    Environmental Parameters
    • -40 to 75 degrees Celsius
    • 0-90% RH non-condensing
    Connection Details for the Power Supply
    • Terminal 1: 120VDC active supply (flying lead marked with red heat sink)
    • Terminal 2: 0VDC supply (flying lead unmarked)

    (Supplied in H&S 1.5mm GKWAX cable)

    Connection Details for the control Interface
    • Core 1: Internal 0VDC (marked with black heat shrink)
    • Core 2: Light on off control line (marked with yellow heat shrink
    • Core 3: Constant light or flash at one hertz (marked with blue heat shrink)

    (Supplied in H&S (Supplied in H&S 12 556 636 cable)

    Power Consumption
    • Current consumption is 140mA @ 120VDC
    • Switch mode power supply with input protection
    • LEDGBL is 300grams
    Mounting Details

    Surface mounting plastic enclosure (random co-polymer polypropylene with 1% UV stabilisation) ,stainless steel mounting plate and silicon foam gasket of case dimensions 85mm wide flange by 174mm long, a body height of 60mm with fixing centres of 48mm wide by 140mm high using an 8mm hole. It is supplied with Torx security mounting screws.

    Ordering Information
    • The part number is configured as
    • Model/input signal/display units/power supply/options
    • Sample number: LEDGBL/88/100/120VDC