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    Coupler Light

    The LEDCL Coupler Light is a premium light designed for the illumination of coupler equipment on rail vehicles, it's simplicity yet efficteveness allows for low cost whilst not comprimising the quality. This instrument is a 12-36VDC or 55-140VDC powered LED Coupler Light supplied in a surface mounting enclosure with an IP66 weatherproof rating, furthermore it is now has a new and improoved temperature range able to withstand the extreme temperatures of -40 degrees celcius.

    • High power 3 watt LED's with a 15 degree view angle
    • Available in red, green, blue or white
    • Constant light
    • Nominal 24 [18-30VDC] or 120 [50 to 140VDC]
    • Low cost - High performance
    • Applications include illumination of the coupler equipment on rail vehicles
    • The LEDCL is an advanced instrument that have been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications

    The LEDCL is a Led array suitable for harsh and long life. It has been designed to reject electrical interference that normally abounds in industrial environments and includes flying lead electrical connection.

    Light Output

    An array of 4 high power light emitting diode's (LED) each fitted with a 15 degree collimator lens giving alight emission angle of 15 degrees for each LED. The led's have a light output of 1200 Lux (1200 Lumens per square metre) and are pulse width modulated.

    Environmental Parameters
    • -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
    • 0-90% rh non-condensing
    Connection Details
    • Terminal 1: VDC active supply
    • Terminal 2: 0VDC supply
    • Terminal 3: Ground Supply
    Power Supply
    • 24VDC (18-36VDC) or 55 to 140VDC, other voltages may be requested
    • Current consumption is 200mA @ 24VDC
    • Reverse polarity protection which is protected by a varistor and class X2 capacitor

    LEDCL is 200grams.

    Mounting Details

    Surface mounting black anodised aluminium enclosure of case dimensions 140mm x 64mm 55mm deep. It has fixing centres of 127mm wide by 30mm high using an 5.2mm hole.

    Ordering Information

    The part number is configured as:

    • Model/input signal/display units/power supply/options
    • Sample number: LEDCL/4/1200/24VDC