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    Light System

    The HMI LED LIGHT SYSTEM is a 24VDC and 120VDC powered LED (light emitting diode) lighting strip with adjustable brightness. The system comprises a LED array that is supplied in a machined black anodised aluminium enclosure¸ a lighting controller supplied in a black powder coated alloy enclosure and a five position K&N for brightness control. The system is intended for railway rolling stock applications.

    • High intensity 5mm white LED’s with a 15 degree view angle
    • Switch selectable brightness of off, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% positions
    • nominal 24 and 120V supply
    • Electrical connection by MIL-DTL-5015 connectors with strain relief using a 5 way for power, a 3 way for LED array and a 6 way for brightness control
    • EMC approval to EN61000-4-5:2006 as required by EN50121-3-2
    • Environmental testing approval to AS60068, IEC61373 and AS60529
    • Low cost - High performance
    • Applications include illumination of driver cab HMI units

    The LEDHMI is an advanced instrument that have been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications.

    The LEDHMI is a Led array suitable for harsh and long life. It has been designed to reject electrical interference that normally abounds in railway rolling stock environments and includes three metre flying leads terminated with MIL-DTL-5015 connectors with strain relief.

    Technical Specifications

    An array of 18 high contrast 5mm domed LEDs (light emitting diodes) with a viewing angle of 15 degrees potted in a black anodised machined aluminium enclosure of 20mm high x 20mm deep x 210mm wide.

    Environmental Parameters

    The system has been tested and approved by an accredited agency for:

    • Cold Temperature AS60068.2.3-2003
    • Dry Temperature AS60068.2.2-2003
    • Humidity AS60068.2.78-2003
    • Altitude AS60068.2.13-2003
    • Random vibration IEC61373-2010
    • Shock IEC61373-2010
    • Dust AS60529-2004, XP2
    • Rain AS60529-2004, IP5X
    • Salt/Fog AS60068.2.11-2003
    • Altitude AS60068.2.13-2003
    • 0-90% RH non-condensing
    Connection Details

    The system incorporates flying leads terminated with MIl-DTL-5015 connectors with strain relief. All cabling uses Huber & Suhner screened EMC cables.

    Mounting Details
    • LED Array: black anodised machined aluminium enclosure of 20mm high x 20mm deep x 210mm wide with fixing centres of 190mm wide with a 3mm screw.
    • Controller: black powder coated machined aluminium enclosure of 90mm high x 55mm deep x 140mm wide with fixing centres of 50mm high x 127mm wide with a 5mm screw.
    • K&N Switch: by escutcheon plate
    • LEDMLD84 is 300grams
    Ordering Information
    • Controller part # INN-HMI-LC1-24-120
    • Led Module part # LEDHMI/18/300
    • Switch part # DH11-AU003030-000FT1-G251 (Hunter)
    • Power cable 24VDC INN-HMI-C-14S5S-24
    • Power cable 120VDC INN-HMI-C-14S5S-120
    • Switch cable INN-HMI-RS-14S6P