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    Totalising System

    The ITS Totalising System is a 12-40VDC powered totalising system for liquids that incorporates a six (6) digit 18mm LCD (liquid crystal) display with white LED backlight. The instrument can totalise up, provide the excitation power supply for the flow sensor, output the total in real time by Bluetooth to a tablet. A client acceptance signature can be written on the tablet screen and included with the email to show a proof of delivery.

    • Simple touch switch programming with English statement prompts on the instrument or configure from the Innovec Totalisor App
    • Quadrature input with reverse flow detection or single channel pulse train
    • Low cost - High performance
    • High contrast LCD display of 6 characters of 18 mm digit height
    • Low flow alarm with batch cancel
    • Foreground, background total and rate display
    • Dip switch selectable input: turbine, reed switch, open collector, Namur & CMOS logic
    • Applications include chemical dispensing from a tanker truck
    • Sensor supply that can be adjusted from 8 to 20VDC
    • Plug in screw terminal electrical connections
    • 85 to 265VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 12 to 40VDC supply
    • Bluetooth communication at 20 Metres or 300 Metres

    ITS Totalisor is a 85 to 265VAC or 12-40VDC powered totalisor with batching capabilities for liquids that incorporates an six (6) digit 18mm LCD display

    Input Details

    The instrument accepts quadrature input with reverse flow detection or single pulse train input from 0 to 2KHZ and is dip switch selectable for open collector, reed, Hall, Namur and turbine signals (from 20mV peak to peak)


    The ITS incorporates a six (6) digit 18mm high segmented LCD display with white LED backlight with a wide viewing angle and a viewing distance of 5 metres.

    Totaliser Memory

    The instrument incorporates a foreground total, background total and rate doisplay that is stored in EEPROM memory during loss of power. These values can be displayed by the front total touch button of the App.

    Low Flow Alarm

    The instrument incorporates a low flow alarm. If no input pulses are received in a user programmed period the low flow output is activated and LF ERR (Low Flow Error) is displayed.

    Environmental Parameters
    • 0 to 70°C
    • 0-90% RH NON condensing
    • Front facia is weatherproof to IP65

    Terminal 1:Input Common (-)

    Terminal 11:End of batch open collector output

    Terminal 2:Input one  minus

    Terminal 12:Not used

    Terminal 3:Input one plus 

    Terminal 13:Relay one  normally open contact

    Terminal 4: Input two  minus

    Terminal 14:Relay one common contact

    Terminal 5: Input two  plus

    Terminal 15:Relay two normally open contact

    Terminal 6:  8 - 24VDC sensor supply

    Terminal 16 Relay two common contact

    Terminal 7:Reset

    Terminal 17: Ground Supply

    Terminal 8: Not used

    Terminal 18: 85 to 265VAC/24VDC active supply

    Terminal 9:Open collector pulse output per litre

    Terminal 19: VAC neutral or 0VDC supply (-)

    Terminal 10:Low flow alarm OC output

    Terminal 20: Not used

    Power Supply
    • 85 to 265VAC of 47-63 Hz or DC to DC converter isolator from 12 to 40VDC. An adjustable transducer power supply of 8 to 24VDC at 30mA is incorporated in the instrument.
    Mounting Details
    • Surface mounting IP65 polycarbonate enclosure of case dimensions 130mm long x 80mm high by 75mm deep with fixing centres of 120mm wide by 60mm high.
    Totalisor Operation

    The ITS Totaliser is user friendly to operate. The K factor, decimal points and set point are configured from the front panel or from the tablet. Pressing the start button will energise output relay one and start liquid flow. The display total will increment in value or display flow rate. When the set point is reached the relay is de-energised, stopping flow. A new screen is displayed on the tablet that allows an email to be sent for proof of delivery.

    Relay Outputs
    • Mechanical relay standard with form C contacts and a contact rating of amperes resistive at 240VAC
    • Solid state relays optional with a normally open contact and a contact rating of 2 amperes at 240VAC
    Ordering Information
    • Model/input/display/power supply/options.
    • Sample Number: ITS/INC/0-999999.9/24VDC.