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    Printing Totalisor

    The IPT Powered Printing Totaliser is a programmable instrument which totalises flow and prints a docket with batch total, accumulated total, job name, time and date. The input type is dip switch selectable for CMOS logic, open collector transistor, reed switch, Hall effect and turbine meter. The input measurement is shown on a high contrast LCD (one line of sixteen characters) and printed out on a printer with 24 characters.

    • Totalise on one of 99 memory locations with field programmable K factors
    • Single channel pulse train
    • Background accumulated total
    • 85 to 265VAC 47-63 Hz supply or factory fitted 10 to 40VDC isolated supply
    • Low cost - High performance
    • High contrast 2 line x 16 character alphanumeric LCD display
    • Impact dot matrix printer of 40 characters
    • Mounted in a panel mount enclosure of 144x144mm
    • 8 to 20VDC adjustable sensor supply
    • Touch switch calibration of decimal point, K factor, real time clock and set point
    • Standard printing of a double ticket (copy for the client and for the operator)
    • Applications include totalising liquid flow with printed receipt
    • Two Stage batching function
    • Optional quadrature input
    • CE Approval

    Input Details

    The instrument counts input pulses from one channel with a single pulse train or optional quadrature pulse with reverse flow detection, displays the totalised value and prints the value on command. The input signal is DIP switch selectable for CMOS logic, open collector transistor, reed switch, Hall effect and turbine meter (20mV peak to peak minimum).

    • The IPT incorporates a 16 character of 10mm digit height high single line contrast LCD display with blue backlight
    Scaling Factor
    • This is the pulses per unit of measure. It is programmable from the front panel.
    Totaliser Memory

    The instrument incorporates a running and a background total. In normal operation, the reset button will only reset the running total.

    Real time clock
    • UL listed super cap backed RTC is used for time and date measurement.

    A 24 character double-height character per line dot matrix printer is used. It prints the user name, application name, running total, back ground total, time, date and units of measure. Printer front is hinged allowing for easy replacement of the paper roll.

    Environmental Parameters
    • 0-70°C
    Connection Details

     Terminal 1:Input 0VDC 

    Terminal 11: not used

    Terminal 2:Count input 1 (-)

    Terminal 12: Relay 1 NC contact

    Terminal 3:Count input 1(+)

    Terminal 13: Relay 1 NO contact

    Terminal 4: Count input 2 (-)

    Terminal 14: Relay 1 Common contact

    Terminal 5: Count input 2(+)  

    Terminal 15: not used

    Terminal 6:Initialise print

    Terminal 16: not used

    Terminal 7:Reset 

    Terminal 17:Not used

    Terminal 8:8-22VDC loop supply

    Terminal 18:VAC/V24VDC active supply

    Terminal 9: Pulse per litre output (Option)

    Terminal 19:VAC neutral/0VDC supply

    Terminal 10:not used

    Terminal 20:Ground supply

    1. Output set point relay with contacts rated at 2 amps 240VAC resistive - 1SP
    2. Selection of 1 to 9 users with individual usernames and running totals - 1U
    3. Quadrature input (open collector only) with reverse flow detection - QI
    Instrument Power Supply
    • 85 to 265VAC power supply 47-63 Hz or isolated DC supply from 12 to 40VDC
    Transducer Power Supply
    • 8 to 22VDC 30mA transducer power supply is included in the instrument
    • 1800 grams
    Mounting Details
    • Panel mounting aluminium enclosure of case; dimensions 144mm wide x 144mm high x 145mm deep with a panel cut-out of 138mm wide by 138mm high
    Ordering Information
    • Model Structure: model/input signal/display units/power supply/options
    • Sample Number: IPT/INC/0-999999/VAC/1.000