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    Converter & Isolator

    ISC Din Rail Mount signal isolator is a 120/240VAC or 12-40VDC powered instrument which accepts an analogue input of mA or volts and converts it to an isolated 4-20mA or 0-10VDC output signal. A 24VDC loop supply for the direct connection of 2 wire transmitters is included.

    • Din rail or gear plate mounting
    • 24VDC loop supply
    • Power supply of 120/240VAC or 12 to 40VDC
    • Signal and power supply isolation
    • 0.1% linearity
    • Low cost - High performance
    • Low input impedance on mA signals
    • High input impedance on voltage signals
    • Special ranges of inputs and outputs are available on request

    The Innovec ISC is a single analogue input to single analogue output signal converter and isolator.

    The ISC accepts many standard and non-standard input signals and generates a 4-20mA or 0-10VDC output signal. Most other standard process current or voltage output signals can be provided on request.

    The ISC because of its versatile input to output combinations is a very flexible interface module. Low input impedance to current signals and high input impedance to voltage signals means the ISC can be inserted into existing systems without loss of performance.

    Input Details
    • 0-1mA into 1000 Ohms
    • 0-20mA into 50 Ohms
    • 4-20mA into 50 Ohms
    • 0-50mA into 10 Ohms
    • 0-1VDC into 20,000 Ohms
    • 1-5VDC into 20,000 Ohms
    • 0-10VDC into 20,000 Ohms
    • 0-10VDC into 1 Meg Ohms
    • on request
    • 0-100VDC into 20,000 Ohms
    Output Details
    • Operational amplifier closed loop feedback circuit
    • Current output: 0/4-20mA into 500 Ohms
    • Voltage output: 0-10VDC into 10,000 Ohms minimum
    • Load effect: +/- 0.01% of span

    + / - 0.1% of span (linearity and repeatability).


    Power supply isolation of 500 volts rms. The instrument incorporates 3 port galvanic isolation (input to output and power supply).

    Environmental Parameters
    • 0-70 degrees Celsius
    • 0-90% rh non-condensing
    Instrument Power Supply

    120/240VAC 47-63 Hz or factory fitted DC to DC converter isolator with an input of 12 to 48VDC

    Transducer Power Supply

    24 Volts DC at 30mA for powering 2 wire transmitters.


    300 grams

    Case Details
    • Width: 55mm
    • Height: 75mm
    • Depth: 110mm
    Mounting Details

    Din rail mounting on C rail


    Weatherproof enclosure: WP

    Ordering Information
    • Model number configured as: Model/input signal/display units/power supply/options
    • Sample number: ISC/0-10VDC/4-20mA/240VAC
    • All units shipped factory calibrated 4-20mA to 4-20mA