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    Injection Controller

    The IAI Additive Injection Controller is a universally powered (85-265VAC) or 10-40VDC powered injection controller for liquids featuring a 2.8 inch TFT colour LCD display at 320x480 pixels, a M3 32 bit ARM processor and quadrature pulse input for main and additive flow. The IAI Controller combines with an additive injection manifold to provide a compact additive injection system. The system is configured by push buttons on a four-button infrared remote control or RS485 communication from a host.

    • Simple touch switch set-up with English statement prompts by approved IR
    • Low cost - High performance
    • Programmable dual channel quadrature input or single pulse train with DIP switch selection for turbine, reed & open collector
    • Background total for main flow and additive flow
    • Dual 4-20mA output with Proportional and Integral algorithm control from the main and additive flow signal for modulating valve control for continuous dispensing of additive
    • Main flow and additive flow rate display
    • Sensor supply that can be adjusted from 8 to 20VDC
    • Micro SD card of 8GB for storage of batching data
    • 85 to 265VAC 47-63 Hz universal supply or factory fitted 10 to 40VDC isolated supply

    The controller can operate in:
    Pace Mode
    Injection rate on the main flow throughput and a user programmed algorithm
    Permissive Pace Mode
    Injection rate on the main flow throughput, a user programmed algorithm and enabled by a permissive input
    Slave Mode
    Inject additive enabled by the squirt button or remotely wired to the permissive input
    Control Mode
    Start injection from first received main flow pulse and IAI algorithm, and stop at programmed batch size
    Remote mode
    Algorithm and start signal from communication link

    Input Details

    The IAI accepts a dual channel input from 0 to 5KHZ and channel one is DIP switch selectable for open collector, reed, Hall and turbine signals (from 20mV peak to peak)

    Standard Features
    • External squirt button included on IR remote control
    • Injector block size 4 [.01 to 1.0 LPM] selection size by application
    • Injector block size 6 [.03 to 1.66 LPM] selection size by application
    • Injector block size 8 [.25 to 10.0 LPM] selection size by application
    • Controller accuracy +/- 0.5% with a repeatability of +/- 0.25%

    The IAI incorporates a 480mm wide x 232mm high colour TFT LCD graphics module backlight

    Infrared Remote

    Four button IR remote is potted in epoxy and complies with AS/NZS 60079.18: 2005

    Analogue Output

    The IAI has two 4-20mA outputs for controlling two modulating valves or pumps and two pulse inputs from flow meters. Proportional and Integral control is used to control both flow rates either independently or in ratio.

    Environmental Parameters
    • -20 to 50°C
    • Humidity 5-95%
    • Protection class to IP66
    Electrical Parameters
    • 4 of voltage free inputs 24VDC tolerant
    • 1 of quadrature input for main flow and 1 of quadrature input for additive flow
    • 4 of open collector outputs 24VDC tolerant @ 100mAmpere
    • 1 of timed open collector output 24VDC tolerant @ 200mAmpere
    • 2 of relay outputs 240VAC tolerant SSR @ 2Ampere or
    • 2 of mechanical relay with changeover contacts rated @ 2Ampere resistive
    • 1 of 4-20mA output that can drive 500 Ohms with PI algorithm control with a 50:1 turn down ratio
    • Communications: 2 wire RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol (Optional)
    Power Supply

    85 to 265VAC 47-63 Hz or DC to DC converter isolator from 10 to 40VDC. An adjustable transducer power supply of 8 to 20VDC at 50mA is incorporated.

    Mounting Details
    • Surface mounting Govan EXD Cast Aluminium enclosure of case; dimensions 210mm wide by 210mm high by 175mm deep with fixing centres of 187mm wide x 187mm high by M8 screws with IECEX (Approval to IECEX EX 11B T6 IP66)
    • 4 of M20 cable entries available for user connection
    • Weight is 15Kg
    Ordering Information
    • Model Structure: model/input/display/power supply/options
    • Sample Number: IAI/2xB/0-99999999/VAC
    • CE Conformity (pending)